Soft Discus - Softy (Multi Throw)

Made of soft PVC designed in such a manner that can be used for different throwing events available in different weights and colours. 

Product Code Product Details
KX-DSMT400 400 gm
KX-DSMT500 500 gm
KX-DSMT600 600 gm
KX-DSMT700 700 gm
KX-DSMT800 800 gm

Elementary Discus

Elementary Discus is made from lightweight soft vinyl ideal for use in schools. Available in different weight & colours.

Product Code Product Details
KX-ED200 200 gm
KX-ED300 300 gm
KX-ED400 400 gm
KX-ED500 500 gm
KX-ED750 750 gm
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