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Chess Magnetic

  • This lightweight and easily toted foldable board is small enough to be taken anywhere, and carries well-crafted chess set pieces safely within storage section
  • An ideal gift for a family member or friend

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KX-CBM110 High Powered Magnetic Playing 32 Pieces with Special PVC Wooden Designed Chess Board Comes in a Set

Chess Board Gift Set

Product Code Product Details
KX-CHP110 Chess Board Gift Pack - 11 Inches
KX-CHP140 Chess Board Gift Pack - 14 Inches

Chess Board PVC

Product Code Product Details
KX-CH110 Chess Board - PVC 11 Inches
KX-CH140 Chess Board - PVC 14 Inches

Chess Rollon

  • The board has sharp and fine printing
  • They lay absolutely flat on the surface
  • The edges will not curl off to avoid inconvenience for play
  • Easy to take to the park or any outdoor place.
  • Perfect for travel, Portable, Easy to carry.

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KX-CHRO Comes in PC

Chess & Ludo

Two in one Game "Ludo and Chess"

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KX-CHLU Comes in Pc

Chess & Ludo Board Heavy Wooden Set

  • Long Lasting Ludo and Chess Board Games
  • 1 Inches Thick, 11x11 Inches Square Game Board
  • Plastic Corners for Strength and Safety.
  • Suitable for all Age Group.
  • Best Game For Outdoor Picnic , Works As A Mat On Picnic Spot

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KX-CHBHWS Comes in Set

Chess Board 17"

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KX-CHB17 Comes in PC

Chess Board 15"

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KX-CHB15 Comes in PC

Chess Board 13"

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KX-CHB13 Comes in PC

Chessmen Tournament

  • Made from high quality plastic; All pieces are made with high level precision
  • King height 4 inch; Two extra queens with this set; Sturdy 90 percent plastic filled chessmen; International Staunton chess pieces; Other pieces are in proportion to kings height

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KX-CHMT Comes in Set

Chessmen Shahenshah New

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KX-CHMS Comes in Set

Chessmen Nawab

  • Product: Chess Coin
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Coin Set: 16+16=32 Pcs
  • Material: Plastic

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KX-CHMN Comes in Set

Chinese Checker With Coin

  • All time classical and fun family board game - full of strategy, tactics, skill and mind power in which each player tries to capture or checkmate the opponent
  • The Chinese checker board set includes a total of 60 pegs with 10 in each of six colours, ideal for 2 to 6 players, the objective is to move or hops the 10 pegs from one triangle to the opposite, teaching strategic thinking and enhance cooperation social skills 

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KX-CCWC Comes in Set

Dart Board

  • Dual side play
  • Material is plywood with cork surface

Product Code Product Details
KX-DB12 DIA 12" CORK SHEET, Comes in PC
KX-DB14 DIA 14" CORK SHEET, Comes in PC
KX-DB16 DIA 16" CORK SHEET, Comes in PC
KX-DB18 DIA 18" CORK SHEET, Comes in PC

Dart Flight Heavy

  • Material: Steel,plastic Weight: 16 g/pcs
  • Material: Steel,plastic Weight: 16 g/pcs
  • Total length: 15.5 cm(with flight)
  • The darts are designed with metal leads and plastic body
  • A skillful adult game. Not a child's toy or for use by children

Product Code Product Details
KX-DFH3 Comes in Set

Dart Board Magnetic

  • Kids can learn to target and this game enhances concentration. Portable board hangs quickly anywhere and rolls up to store conveniently.
  • Dartboard Is Ideally Suited For Home and even outside. Flat tipped darts makes this game safe.
  • Strong Magnet, So No Missing Of Targets. Helps Kids To Focus On Aiming. Keep Both Little And Big Kids Amused For Hours , Game For Home, Pubs, Indoor And Outdoor.
  • The Board Simply Hangs On Any Wall And When You Throw The Included Magnetic Darts, They Stick To The Board. When You Have Finished Playing The Board Simply Rolls Up For Easy Storage. 

Product Code Product Details
KX-DBM Comes in PC

Ludo Snakes & Ladder PVC

  • A perfect merger of 2 classic board games like Ludo and Snakes Ladders
  • Perfect gift for kids, Inexpensive way to keep kids busy when they are bored and help limit your child's screen time as well 
  • Brings enormous fun with family and friends and a complete package

Product Code Product Details
KX-LSP110 Ludo Snakes & Ladder 11", Comes in Box
KX-LSP140 Ludo Snakes & Ladder 14", Comes in Box

Business Ikon (Paper Money)

Product Code Product Details
KX-BSP140 Comes in Box

Ludo Snakes & Ladder Gift Set

  • Ideal for younger children who are still learning to take turns
  • It's Perfect For Traveling But Also A Convenient Size For Home Use
  • Board Game Helps To Instill Many Skills For Children To Develop
  • Fun game for family and friends
  • Increases IQ Level, Concentration, Confidence, Memory Skills, Creativity & Imaginations.

Product Code Product Details
KX-LS110 Ludo Snakes & Ladder 11", Comes in Box
KX-LS140 Ludo Snakes & Ladder 14", Comes in Box

Tambola Regular

  • All time complete Family Entertainment Game.
  • Tambola can be played by as many players as there are tickets available
  • A Game Finally To Entertain Your Child, Your Family And Yourself. This Tambola Game Is A Complete Entertainer For Long Hours.
  • All You Need To Do Is Distribute The Tickets With Numbers To The Players. The Player Who Crosses All The Called Out Numbers Is The Ultimate Winners Of This Game.

Product Code Product Details
KX-TMBR Comes in Set

Lotto Book

  • A great fun party game, suitable for all ages and gender and brings the whole party together
  • 600 tickets in each. Fine paper quality

Product Code Product Details
KX-LB Comes in PC
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