Cricket Stump

Cricket Spring Stump

  • Spring Back System allows cricket stumps to retain position instantly 
  • Suitable for use on any playing surface - Indoors & Outdoors.
  • Cricket Stumps are 100% portable
  • Two wooden bails wooden stumps with iron base, and springs attached to the wickets, along with the stand two bails are provide 

Product Code Product Details
KX-CSSL Cricket Stumps Spring Loaded

Cricket Target Stump

  • Cricket Plastic Spring Target Stump Set of 1. Plastic and Metal Target Stump with Spring, Spring back design allows stump to immediately retain original position.

Product Code Product Details
KX-CTS Set Consist of 3 Stumps

Cricket Stump - Duco White

  • Made from strong premium wood for Long Lasting.
  • Premium wood stumps duco painted.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to transport and store.

Product Code Product Details
KX-CSDW Set Consist of 3 Stumps and 2 Bails

Cricket Stump - Natural

  • 3 Stump with 2 Bails.
  • Specially made for Leather Ball.
  • Size : Standard.
  • Material : Wooden.
  • Color : Wooden

Product Code Product Details
KX-CSN Set Consist of 3 Stumps and 2 Bails

Cricket Stump Set Duco

Product Code Product Details
KX-CSSD Cricket Stump Set 6 Pc Stump, 4 Bails with cover

Cricket Bails Natural

Product Code Product Details
KX-CBN Cricket Bails Natural

Cricket Bails Eco

Product Code Product Details
KX-CBE Cricket Bails Eco