Hoops | Carry Bags

Koxton Hula Hoop - Super

Hula Hoop made of High Impact Plastic with a welded joint. Available in assorted colours with different diameter.

Product Code Product Details
KX-GHP18 18 Inch
KX-GHP24 24 Inch
KX-GHP30 30 Inch
KX-GHF24 36 Inch

Gymnastic Hoops - Folding

Hula hoops fold-able made as per standard rules and regulation comes in different sizes.

Product Code Product Details
KX-GHF Hula hoops fold-able made as per standard rules and regulations.

Koxton Hoop Carrying Bag - With Strap

Hoop Carrying Bag made of centered mesh fabric sides made of polyester fabric with shoulder strap and zipper lock. 

Product Code Product Details
KX-HCBWS Carry 8 to 10 hoops

Koxton Hoop Carrying Bag - Cord Lock

Hoop Carrying Bag made of heavy duty mesh fabric with side parts made of polyester fabric. Comes with cord lock.

Product Code Product Details
KX-HCBCL For 4 m hoops ladder

koxton Hula Hoop - Portable

Hula hoop made of high impact plastic. A set of 6 arc's joined together of different colors make a ring.

Product Code Product Details
KX-HPP24 24 Inch