Jump Rope

Jump Rope Premium

  • Versatile fitness tool - did you know that jumping rope burns from 800 to 1000 calories per hour the cayman fitness speed rope is perfect for boxing, cross fit wood, high intensity speed jumping
  • Strong and durable - the fitness speed skip rope was built to last. It is perfect for adult or kids. Jumping rope protects heart health, aids in weight loss, most importantly is a fun way to exercise
  • Light Weighted Handles: Light weighted handles cause less arm fatigue, which helps you in doing more jumps. It also helps you in not missing the jumps.

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPHPR Comes in a Box

Jump Rope Club

  • Material - rubber and plastic
  • Handle - foam handle
  • Weight - 300 gm
  • Measurement - 117 inch (length)
  • Rope - solid cord
  • Sports type - jump rope
  • Material: Plastic
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Jump Rope

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KX-JRPH075 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Supreme

  • A good Quality Bearing design to ensure performance and reliability, effectively prevent the problem of mixing rope and help You to keep healthy fit and have fun.
  • Wooden handle comfortable grip, not easy to get rid of the hand. Wooden handles reduce strain on Your hands, allowing You to burn calories and get in a great workout skipping or jumping without unnecessary discomfort.
  • Highly Durable Product as made from high quality materials ilarte rope will become your workout buddy for many years to come
  • Ideal for home use, an ideal calorie burner
  • Great for building stamina and toning your arms and legs.

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KX-JRWHS Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Floro

  • Lightweight Rope: Skipping Rope for folks serious about cardio training, easy to store and adjustable. It is good for those interested in being fit. 
  • Economical, lightweight foam handle for increased comfort
  • Build stamina, lose weight and tone arms and legs
  • Perfect for all fitness levels - beginner to pro athlete

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPH300 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Klassic

  • Adjustable Length: The length of the skipping rope can be adjusted by the plastic lock at the end and moving the lock according to your requirement. In this way, the skipping rope can suit people of varying heights.
  • Skipping rope for men weight loss
  • Skipping rope for women weight loss
  • Skipping rope adjustable

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KX-JRWHK Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Training

  • 1 Piece High Quality Rubber Barring Rope With Comfortable Wooden Handle Grip.
  • Best uses For Gym Training, BUILD STAMINA, LOSE WEIGHT, TONE ARMS AND LEG Exercise.
  • Suitable for both beginners & advanced level jumpers.

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KX-JRWH200 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Challenger

Jump Rope Challenger 

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KX-JRPH1000 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope 055

  • Material: PVC coated Steel Wire, Heavy Wooden Handl
  • Benefits: No Tangling of the Rope, Noiseless and Fast Skipping

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRWH055 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope 045

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRWH045 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Speedo

Jump Rope Speedo

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPH2000 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Zoro

  • For Men, Women, Weight Loss, Kids, Girls, Children Best in Fitness, Sports, Exercise, Workout Gym Lover
  • Ultra smooth and ultra light , durable jump rope, designed for fitness and sports lovers
  • Non-Adjustable Skipping Rope: jump rope 

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPH555 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Magnum

Jump Rope Magnum

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPH777 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Practice

  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Black
  • Package Contents: 1 Skipping Rope
  • Care Instruction: Keep away from fire

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRWH105 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Aron

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPH222 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Orchid

Jump Rope Orchid

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KX-JRPH666 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Cotton

  • Safety - wooden handles without paint (non-toxic and odourless) are comfortable for all hand sizes Lightweight cotton braided rope moves nicely
  • Exercise in comfort - our lightweight design reduce strain on your hands
  • Get fit fast - urban gear skipping jumping ropes are great for cardio training, weight loss exercise and workouts and a fun way to get in shape fast
  • Wooden handle cotton Exercise Skipping Rope
  • Lightweight and portable - being feather-light makes it easily and conveniently portable so that you can achieve maximum fat burn and tone your muscles anywhere
  • Material: Wood

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRWH100 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Active

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPH333 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Eco

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPH030 Comes in a PC

Jump Rope Skipper 444

Product Code Product Details
KX-JRPH444 Comes in a PC