Speed Chute

Koxton Speed Chute

Koxton Speed Chute is made up of good quality Nylon fabric with panels for extra stability of the chute. It's an ultimate multi-sport training device developed to improve speed, stamina, strength, acceleration, resistance power and for building lower body strength.Speed Chute can be used without a partner, just wear the belt & chute is ready to use. Ideal for sprinters, football, soccer training and for agility training. Comes in different sizes.

Product Code Product Details
KX-SCS40 Small Size, Size 40 Inches, 1 Pc Only
KX-SCM48 Medium Size, Size 48 Inches, 1 Pc Only
KX-SCL56 Large Size, Size 56 Inches, 1 Pc Only
KX-SCX64 X Large, Size 72 Inches, 1 Pc Only