Victory Stand & Clapper

Koxton Rostrum Stand / Judges Stand

Made of 2 Inches Square Steel painted/powder coated with wheels for easy transportation.

Product Code Product Details
KX-PJSS Made of 2 Inches Square Steel Pipe.

Koxton Line Marking Machine

Line marking machine for marking lines in different event (dry) with 5 cm thick to spread uniformly. Also available with box type trolley and round mobile trolley.

Product Code Product Details
KX-DLMMR Made of Steel GI Sheet (Single Line Dry Marking Machine).
KX-DLMMB Line Marking Machine Mobile With Box Type Container.

Koxton Victory Stand Portable

Made of steel, powder coated for extra durability. Fits telescopically in a box to reduce volume while packing. Bolted together for stability. 

Product Code Product Details
KX-VSP Victory Stand Portable

Starter Clapper

Made of good quality wood which will provide a great sound. Painted in two colors so it can also be used as a visual starting signal.

Product Code Product Details
KX-SCW Made of Good QualityWood